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Leomark Delux double sided easel with accessories (108 items)

Product code: 110/244281

Gender: Unisex
Age:: 4 years
Availability: small amount
Shipment: 5 Days
Price: £49.99

Double-sided board with lots of accessories - 108 elements, providing many hours of creative fun!

On the one hand, the array has a top, after which you can write colored chalk, on the other hand, white top writing washable markers. Both tops are magnetic and can be attach most of the accessories: colored magnets, sponges, ruler, letters, digits and signs auxiliary.

It has an adjustable height in the range from 85 to 130 cm.

Array dimensions: 55 x 60 x 130 (height) cm.

The dimensions of writing surface: 54 x 48 cm.

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