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Large Universal Flex Concept Wooden Kitchen with 3 Moving, Changable Modules

Product code: 102/246209

Gender: Unisex
Age:: 3 years
Availability: small amount
Shipment: 5 days
Price: £139.00

A great kitchen for fun cooking and role playing for small chefs. The modern kitchen includes 3 moving segments (modules) and has the possibility of any arrangement of individual segments (5 different variants). The fridge is permanently connected to the microwave, while the oven and the corner cabinet are separate parts.

The kitchen has universal, warm vital green and orange colors suitable for both boys and girls.

Numerous shelves inside and large drawers can help kids and adults to storage different things in children’s room.

The oven has a heating plate and movable knobs (2 gray gives real clicking sounds). The oven door and microwave door with a transparent window (glass imitation). The microwave oven is also equipped with two sound knobs (click click).


There is a clock on the side of the fridge and a list of necessary purchases on the door of a freezer. The sink made of plastic can be removed and washed.

Durable, stable and secure- the cooking set is made of wooden MDF 10 mm.

 Supplied in flat form, requires self-assembly - enclosed instructions.


Dimensions: length 138 cm, width 34 cm, height: 98 cm. Table height from the ground; 55 cm. Weight-28kg

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